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Since summer 2014 Dance Gate is a full member of EDN

July 2015
Carte Blanche Dance Gate Lefkosia- EDN


Between the 20th till the 24th of July I was given the opportunity to visit Dance Ireland and do a Carte Blanche week there, an invaluable experience which has enabled me to meet Paul Johnson (Chief Executive), Sian Cunningham (General Manager), and the rest of the Dancehouse staff and be informed about all the aspects of the Dancehouse.

Studying their program through their website, brochures and discussing it with them, it is exciting to see how many wonderful things are happening at Dance Ireland. The workshop ‘Choreographic encounters’ was taking place at the Dancehouse during my stay there, which I had the opportunity to observe. John Scott led the workshop and the dancers were given the opportunity to use group dances, tasks, performance actions and text.

During the Carte Blanche week we discussed many aspects of the Dancehouse, such as the way they work with artists, how they schedule events, the responsibilities of each member of staff, etc. Most importantly, however, we analyze the strategies that they implement in order to attract new audiences, as well as the dance residency program.

What strategies can a Dancehouse implement in order to attract new audiences?

Examining the Dance Ireland annual report 2014, one can see that the numbers of the Dancehouse attendances have increased. These numbers have been growing steadily over the past 10 years and according to Paul, one of the factors which has played a significant role on this is their consistency. We also discussed the importance of being clear on what you do, for example when they decide to do something they stick with it and they will never drop an idea. In case that a project/ program did not attract a large audience, the following year they will not drop it, however they will repeat it but they will probably need to examine the idea again in terms of the way it was scheduled or the manner in which it was advertised.

Also, the printed materials at the entrance of the Dancehouse give a clear image of what the Dancehouse does and thus attending an event at the Dancehouse one can easily pick up information for the upcoming events that they may interested in attending. In the brochures, as well as on their user friendly website, one can find every piece of information needed, where they give a good overview on what they do.

An interesting strategy used by Dancehouse in order to attract a wider audience was the program ‘MINUTES IN MOTION’. On the occasion of their 21st anniversary, Dance Ireland implemented this program and on the 21st of each month throughout 2013, a one minute dance film commissioned by Dance Ireland was premiered on the Dance Ireland website. Through this the artists were called to portray dance through the medium of film and this program, according to Paul, has not only encouraged other young artists to experiment and create, but has also encouraged the general audience to use the website and see the commissioned films.

In addition, it is clear that Dance Ireland does not only give opportunities for training for professional dancers but also for guidance and support. Through the residencies Dance Ireland is trying to support as many different dance styles as possible. Having discussed a lot around the program of the residencies, the discussion led us to the issue of the mentor.

Providing an emerging artist a space to rehearse and research, is in itself a great opportunity, however, no one can underestimate the value of providing a mentor during the residency. Dance Ireland recognizes the value of the mentoring and has therefore developed the ‘Mentoring Residency Support Awards’ in response to members’ desire for more self-directed mentoring opportunities.

How do you choose the ideal mentor? What do the dancers need? Certainly, not a person that will just say ‘Great, well done’. Having a professional guidance can help the dancers to progress their work even better. Dance Ireland was trying out different ways of choosing a mentor. Last year, Dance Ireland was responsible to choose the mentors for the dance residency artists and interestingly this year they ask each dancer to suggest their own mentor. Furthermore, Dance Ireland at the same time encourages the dancers to invite other artists and friends to watch their rehearsals in order to connect and share ideas.

These and many other discussions around the Dancehouse have helped me to come back home with many ideas as well as questions that have been raised through discussions and can positively influence the way we work and program in Dancehouse Lefkosia according to the need of the dancers.

In general, Carte Blanche was a great opportunity to exchange information between Dancehouse Lefkosia and Dance Ireland. The staff there has been amazing and made my experience in Dace Ireland beneficial. This experience has also been a good step in developing a working relationship between Dancehouse Lefkosia and Dance Ireland in terms of future collaborations and exchanges.


Christiana Antonoudiou

Cultural Administrator

Dancehouse Lefkosia and EDN workshop
March 2015


Christiana Antonoudiou (Cultural Administrator of the Dancehouse Lefkosia) attended an EDN workshop (European Dancehouse Network) on representing the Dancehouse Lefkosia. The workshop was held in March at the Maison de La Danse in Lyon. is on online library of more than 1700 dance videos, documents and interviews dating from the beginning of the century until today.

The library is supported and coordinated by the Maison de La Danse-Lyon and can be used

for educational purposes as it provides tools that can be used to develop knowledge

on dancing in a fun and interactive way.


Modul Dance Artist 2014
Lili Mihajlović (Slovenia)
As we begin, so shall we go


~As we begin, so shall we go~ is a performance research project taking place from the 24th to the 27th of September at the Dancehouse Lefkosia with eight selected artists and it is concentrating on understanding and practicing one's performing skills (quantification of the performing apparatus), as well as understanding body knowledge and how it interacts, supports, structures and influences group dynamic. Through a suggested working methodology, the project will disclose the layers of a performing act itself. It will attempt to envelope as broad of the range of performing skills as possible through doing as well as reflecting on it. By performing it is more ''the how'' that is in foreground than ''the what'', so our personal approach to material (movement, text ...) is more emphasized than the material itself.

Lili Mihajlović is a Slovenian artist who received her BS in Physics. Among a wide range of interests that include radio journalism, literary engagements, years of competitive fencing, she pursued her greatest passion - dance. Lili was a recipient of the Nomad Dance Academy scholarship, awarded a residency at ReRc (Centre Choreographique National de Montpellier) as part of the program WILD CARD, supported by Jardind’Europe, and a recipient of the first prize of the national competition of young dance creators in Slovenia. She completed the MACode – a master study program in contemporary dance education – at HochschulefürMusik und DarstellendeKunst in Frankfurt, Germany in 2012. She has until now been supported by Mousonturm theater as a part of their program for emerging artists, and by ID Frankfurt (PET5 – But it´s not about chairs, 2010 in Mousonturm, Body happens together, 2011 in Frankfurt LAB). Recently, she has been supported by the European Dance Network through the EU-funded Modul Dance project and became a Modul Dance artist in residence for 2013/2014. Besides her own artistic work, Lili also engages as a performer, dancer or/and movement advisor in theater productions (SchauspielFrnakfurt, Oper Frankfurt, Tanz der Künste) and teaches in various venues (Tanzlabor 21, Tanzsprint– HfMDK, PlesnaIzba Maribor). Her recent engagements include collaboration with StefMeul (Sign six, Brussels) and performing in Marina Abramovic´s piece Luminosity (1997).


5th No body Festival 2014
Modul Dance Artist 2014
The very delicious piece by Jasmina Krizaj (SI) & Cristina Planas Leitão (PT/NL)


“I’m just standing, waiting, since always and till always (forever) being there. Sweaty, vibrating, light-headed, stiff legged, an agitated and addicted body waiting for you. Finally I can declare myself to you. Finally I can surrender myself to you. Finally I can be pathetic. Finally I can be a drama queen. Finally I can be banal. But finally I can go beyond myself and take you with me. You are the impure and only essence of my ritual.”


THE VERY DELICIOUS PIECE is first and foremost a search for the long lost essentiality, intensity and insistency. It is a limbo meeting between entertainment, being in love, a personal experience in two and how our own vibrant transformation reaches a still audience. Shaking is the physical expression of love – a default state. Banality is common to all… The music is an external layer of memorable “rituals”. Two glowing bodies radiating 360º, exposed but detached, induce meaning through the eyes of the viewer into relationships that physically deform us and make us addicts to drama. This is not a love story!


Modul Dance Artist 2013
4th No_Body Festival 2013
Arno Schuitmaker Modul Dance Artist (Holland)


The fifteen project

Concept / choreography: Arno Schuitemaker (creation in collaboration with the dancers)

Performed by: Iker Arrue Mauleon, Manel Salas Palau
Music: Wim Selles
Lightning design: Ellen Knops
Costumes: Judith Abels
With thanks to: Guy Cools


Modul Dance Artist 2012
Jurij Konjar Modul Dance Artist (Slovenia)
November – December 2012 Dance Gate lefkosia Modul dance activities


Playing with the idea of designing a score that could be studied and performed by any two people. Observing interest expand. Focusing on continuity while the surroundings change. Reflecting on what I meet when getting to another place. Connecting to the local communities, and the local issues; choosing where, how and for whom to work with. Designing ways of surviving non-solo situations. Together, not the same. Considering what is worth an hour of my time. Of anyones time.

Between, taking constructive breaks.


Dance Gate Lefkosia Cyprus Announces:
Proposal for cooperation with other bodies of dance for creating a Dance house of contemporary dance in Nicosia

Dance Gate Lefkosia Cyprus was founded in October 2007 having as its primary objective the development of contemporary dance through its interactive role with other illustrative arts, and the promotion of a Dance House of contemporary dance in Nicosia in cooperation with all interested dance groups in Cyprus, where all together, on an equal footing, operators and organisations of dance will form the nucleus of promoting this kind of art. Also, the Agency is open to proposals of other bodies of dance on the same subject.

Dance Gate Lefkosia Cyprus is an affiliate partner of European Dancehouse Network (EDN), a European body where the most important organizations of contemporary dance in the European Union operate. The Dance Gate Lefkosia Cyprus has the full support of EDN for the attainment of its objectives.